Take the gear off

so that your horse will

want to take off.

Classical Jumping strategies so that you can create

a bond that is safe, trusting and willing

...no matter what!

At Thomson Equestrian, we know you want to create a strong, happy bond with your horse - whether you are starting your young horse, developing a

horse you’ve had for years, or rebuilding your partnership.

You’ll learn to:

Develop your horse’s natural abilities

through simple exercises to become a better jumper, using

poles and flatwork to save your horse’s legs.

Control your ride without

using bigger bits or needing to micromanage your horse’s

every stride, so that he willingly takes you to the fences.

Build, not just jump courses, but the exercises

that will strengthen and condition your horse so that he

wants to go the extra mile for you.

Become the reliable partner

your horse deserves, over the jumps and between them too.

I believe that it is completely

possible to create better trust and

skills without the use of “gadgets”

to get the desired outcome.

I understand how it feels to not have a plan or program

that develops better connection, while building

confidence of both horse and rider.

This is why I teach classical jumping, so that you can stop

questioning your abilities, skills, and your horse, and

instead create a bond that is safe, trusting and willing.

Get Inspired

Check out my free checklist to

Better Jumping without the Jumps

- no course set up and no assembly needed!

Learn simple Classical Jumping exercises to create a better jumper and harmonious partnership built on safety and trust.

More Confidence

Knowledge that you can trust in your horse without using big bits and extra equipment, while developing classical jumping skills will make you a better, more confident rider!


Confidence builds trust and trust creates a deeper connection between horse and rider and is ultimately safer for both.

More fun

What won’t a safe and confident team do? You tell me. Open your world to fun new experiences for you and your horse to share.

You want to jump your horse in harmony, but you feel like –

  • You’re not making any progress and that you are doing the same thing over and over again with the same poor result!

  • You leave each lesson as confused as when you started and don’t feel like you’re learning anything new. It seems like your instructor just keeps telling you to ride the same jumps again without telling you how to improve them.

  • You’ve spent a fortune at the tack store buying bits and gear you don’t understand and every time you have a new problem, your instructor sends you back for more.

  • You’re worried you’ll do something wrong that will “mess up” your horse and it will be your fault that he doesn’t reach his potential.

  • You don’t have a clue what to do with your horse when you aren’t taking a lesson or it’s not a jumping day.

  • You don’t know how to find an instructor that can help you with all these things so that you can feel confident and safe when you are riding at home!


Simple Classical Jumping exercises that focus on riding BETWEEN the jumps.

Feel more in control without bigger bits or micromanaging every stride.

Understand how to improve your horse between the jumps and develop his natural abilities.

Learn how to set up a course or exercises at home that will help bring out your horse's best.

Develop your Classical Jumping feel to become the reliable partner your horse deserves.

Learn something new and fun to do with your horse that deepens your connection and improves your skill.

I can guide you on this journey to

better jumping, deeper connection,

and more fun with your horse.

I understand that it’s not always easy to find the right instructor to help you.

I’m Merindah Thomson, and I’ve been working with riders since I was 12. I was fortunate to start riding when I was really young. My mum took me everywhere when she taught her Pony Club students, and when I was 7, I started taking lessons with her classical dressage trainer. By 12, I was teaching other children.

I say I was fortunate, because I never knew another way to ride. I’ve met so many riders that have been given instruction without the aids to achieve it or told that “feel” isn’t something you can learn – like it’s magical.

Feel can be learned. I teach it to all my students.

Understanding feel also makes riding easier and makes both horses and riders more confident. If you don’t have to question if you're on the right diagonal because you can feel that you are, you also build trust with the horse.

This approach is also extremely helpful for horses or riders who have been hurt and are rebuilding their bond.

Several years ago, I realised too many riders were struggling with control, confidence, and safety concerns. I now focus full-time on helping owners enjoy their horses and develop confidence through the right skills.

How Can

I Help You?

Interested in learning how we can work together?

  1. Send me an email explaining your situation and any issues you’re having.

  1. I’ll get back to you to make an appointment within 2 business days.

  2. I’ll evaluate you and your horse in person or video.

  3. Together we will develop a custom training program.

  4. We’ll keep in touch in person or video as directed through the training plan.

  5. Enjoy the horse of your dreams

What Makes

Thomson Equestrian Different?

Step 1 : Unique

We want you to be successful in whatever way that looks to you! Whether you are a new rider, an experienced rider with a new horse, or an experienced team learning classical jumping for the first time – we want you and your horse to be confident, safe and happy together.

Step 2: Classical Approach

What is classical jumping? Creating balance and self-carriage in the horse’s way of going so that it can maintain its cadence and speed. Riding classically, while based on dressage, allows horses to jump better and preserves longevity.

Step 3: Program Oriented

Riding is more than taking a few jumps. That’s why we create a program just for you that helps you condition and strengthen your horse every ride so you’ll never be confused about your training goals.

Step 4: Happiness Driven

Confident horses and riders make happy relationships. Whether you’re doing flatwork, jumping, or hacking on the trails – you’ll both be enjoying the ride.

At Thomson Equestrian we know you are the kind

of person who wants to be a confident rider with a

deep connection to their horse.

In order to be that way, you need to ride your horse classically to build trust

and develop confidence to be the best you can be.

I understand that it can be difficult to find the right instructor, who teaches in a way

that both matches your philosophy and inspires you. That’s why I’ve developed my

proven Classical Jumping program with hundreds of students.

Here is how it works:

Step 1. Start with the fundamentals that develop feel

Step 2. Create a custom plan for jumping and non-jumping days

Step 3. Ride your exercises while building strength and confidence

Step 4. Enjoy your horse! You did this! Repeat steps 3 and 4

Email me and tell me what your horse’s issues are, so you

can stop fretting about putting your foot in the stirrup and

start enjoying your ride today.

Classical Jumping

Take the gear off so your horse will want to take off

Jumping strategies so that you can create a bond that is safe, trusting and willing...no matter what!

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Classical Jumping

Take the gear off so your horse will want to take off

Jumping strategies so that you can create a bond that is safe, trusting and willing...no matter what!